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Analogue Trash Review

2 Oct 2023

The full review of The Tides, by Mark Buckley

Bird is thrilled to share Mark's review of her newest single, The Tides, the official single from the Wider Than The Sky soundtrack.

See full review below:

The Tides was co-written with John Paul White of The Civil Wars and is the first single from the upcoming album by British singer-songwriter Bird. The song will also feature on the soundtrack for her short film, Wider Than The Sky.

Though it has a cinematic ambience similar in tone to Portishead, The Tides looks more to folk- rock and 60s pop for inspiration.

It has to be said that outside the arrangement, the way Bird’s vocals sit between the torch song tones of Beth Gibbon and the sweeping velvet timbre of Lana Del Rey adds to the sense that it was born to be heard on silver screens and in big live venues.

For news on The Tides and Wider Than The Sky, check out Bird’s Facebook and Instagram channels. The track can be streamed on all major digital outlets including Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Spotify.

By Mark BuckleyPublished On: October 2nd, 2023

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