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The Sound Lab UK’s Syndicated

27 Sept 2023

The Tides, has been added to The Sound Lab UK’s Syndicated playlist this week

Bird is thrilled to be featured alongside some other amazing artists with her new release of The Tides on The Sound Lab UK’s Syndicated playlist this week

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Instagram: @TheSoundLabYES

Full playlist:

Albin Lee Meldau & Jack Savoretti - Hold Your Head Up 

Skylar - Why Men Love 

The Horn - People Like Us 

Black Stone Cherry - Smile, World 

Sofi Vonn - Losing Control 

KEiiNO - Get Up 

Downtown Patriots - We Don't Need You 

Rocket Pengwin - Polar Opposites 

Braj - Overview 

Cloud House - Don't Wanna Talk 

STONE - If You Wanna 

Niro Knox - I Don't Believe You 

Mr Smith - La Serenissima 

Slackrr - The Answer 

Picture This - Leftover Love 

369 Theory - I See Only You (Eddie Craig Remix) 

President Elect - Coffee Song 

KOYO - Life's A Pill 

Riya Gadher - Own Way Home 

Lily Hain - Internalize 

The Now - Get Out 

Asha Gold - Cheap Wine 

Bird - The Tides 

Guvluv84Arya - Absolutely Gorgeous 

Finn Askew - Perfect Colour 

Saturday's Heroes - By My Side 

Anat Porat - My Inner Me 

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