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Wider Than The Sky - Film Announcement

1 Aug 2023

Bird is proud to announce the completion of her first film project of which she was the writer, co-producer and composer of the soundtrack.

Wider Than The Sky is a semi-autobiographical short film, written around a body of songs that the composer, scriptwriter, co-producer Janie Price (aka Bird) co-wrote with various musical friends including Grammy Award winning John Paul White (The Civil Wars) and multi award winning Hal Lindes (Dire Straits). The songs were originally produced by legendary producer Mike Hedges (The Cure, Dido, U2) just before Covid hit and spun the world momentarily off it’s axis..(or at least that’s what it felt like for an artist who’d spent 4 years working on a project only to watch it grind to an indefinite halt..)  

Fast forward to 2021 and surrounded by the dust and rubble of the building site that was to become Price’s new base in Italy, she decided something needed to be done to showcase the music she had spent years working on.  She as an artist,  a reluctant and ghostly figure in the world of social media, the music often cinematic in feel, it felt like it begged a different sort of way to release and promote it, a REAL story…a film? So,  zero time scriptwriter Price decided to write what would become her first script.. Wider Than The Sky – a ten minute long story about hope, magic and the power of our imagination, the title inspired by Price’s favourite poet Emily Dickinson. 

 Amazingly, film festival darlings EMU films (Catch Me Daddy, Jawbone, Benediction, Medusa Deluxe) offered to produce the film, and just like that a new creative project and a home for at least a few of her songs was being built. Price re-composed and recorded sections of the songs to make what has become the film’s main instrumental sound track with the help of long time collaborator, sound designer, programmer and fellow composer Pete Davis. Orchestral parts originally recorded at Abbey Road and guest session appearances from Russ Paul (Dolly Parton), Martin Ditcham (Sade), Mikey Rowe (Sheryl Crow) among others this is a soundtrack to listen closely to. Mixed in 5.1 and Atmos for both it’s theatrical and music releases. 

To be released on all formats, the Wider Than The Sky THE SOUNDTRACK will comprise all film music score full pieces and themes plus the original versions of the four songs the film is based on – The Tides (Price/White) What the Night Knows (Price/Swinnen) She’ll Turn To Stone (Price/Lindes) and She’s Like A Rainbow (Price/White). Bonus material to include original song writing sessions approx. 2min each, The Tides and She’s Like a Rainbow. 

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