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Wonderland Magazine Review

24 Jan 2024

Wonderland Magazine's review of 'She's Like A Rainbow', Bird's newest single.

Wonderland Magazine reviewed Bird's newest single, 'She's Like A Rainbow' and featured the world premier of the music video.

Well-regarded for her kaleidoscopic musical palette and ability to seamlessly meld genres, Bird announces her 2024 return with “She’s Like a Rainbow”, the anticipated follow-up to last year’s “The Tides”. The track taps into atmospheric elements of Americana, electronic dream-pop and contemporary folk whilst serving as a visual accompaniment for her dreamy semi-autobiographical short film titled “Wider Than The Sky”.

Brimming with twangy acoustics and Bird’s glimmering vocals, “She’s Like A Rainbow” demonstrates Bird’s penchant for the writer’s pen as she creates an immersive narrative that simultaneously forms an evocative soundscape, whilst serving as an emotive tribute to three generations of women in Bird’s family.

Speaking on the process of writing the track, Bird shares: “I wrote this in Japan with John Paul White. I had this funny little ukulele riff I played; I’d literally just bought the uke from this enormous Yamaha store in Tokyo. It was such an exciting shop, like a giant chocolate box for musicians, packed full of weird and wonderful instruments.

I already had a rough version of the lyrics written, it’s semi-autobiographical… I think until now I wrote quite a bit about other people’s lives and stories, but now I feel it’s time to really write about myself and the things that deeply affect me personally. It’s also about the other women in my family: my grandmother, my mother, and my daughter. It’s about our similarities, our differences, the cyclical nature of life, how we live on through the next generation and hold inside us the generations before us. It’s also a song about how we connect with ourselves, how we are seen by the world around us and, ultimately, about the ghosts of our past and the hopes of our future”.

The cinematic piece delves into the intricacies of human relationships and the profound repercussions of parental illness during childhood, examining the influence of impending loss on a young individual, and showcasing the remarkable potency of our creative faculties. The evocatively mesmerizing musical arrangements by Bird complement the film’s visual narrative, establishing a harmonious connection between music and the cinematic experience.

The full article can be found on their site.

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